"Currently, less than 0.1% of hydrogen produced in Europe is green, produced via the electrolysis of water, with the electricity used in the process coming from renewable sources like wind and solar. More than 90% is grey hydrogen, made using fossil fuels like oil and coal, which emit CO2. This means that at a moment of climate emergency, public investment in hydrogen will essentially keep funding the same old pollutants."


#climateCrisis #hydrogen

Fediverse ideas: a federated alternative to Spotify, where the traditional music label is replaced by instances that curate releases. I wonder how monetization could work in such a model, especially because it should be as convenient for consumers as Spotify - a flat subscription fee. Any ideas?

@judeswae Is it time for a professional networking site in the fediverse?

@judeswae I keep coming back to this question myself every year. Especially now being on a sabbatical and missing the professional network of Thoughtworks. But every time I decide against it. Mostly because my experience there (until ca. 2014) was awful. There is also this: divinations.substack.com/p/lin

@judeswae Building SPAs takes a lot of effort. I wonder how much time and money is wasted on “app-like” website experiences where it adds no benefit and often creates a worse experience, where things silently fail and you need to access the browser console to see if it failed or is loading

@judeswae I have similar thoughts when I encounter a website that uses a single page application for not very interactive pages (forms, static content)
Browser: I can do X
SPA Dev: nah, let me implement X
where X stands for rendering, routing, form validation, sending requests, error handling

So... I'm sorry. I think I'm done here.

I don't know who that person was before, but I can't shake their mention of "the clique I appear to be a part of". Evidently, I'm now catching flak for other peoples' toxic behaviour. And I am simply not willing to accept that.

The toxicity of this place has been making me uncomfortable for some time now, and I'm not willing to sit here like a bioremedial sunflower absorbing poison.

So I'm stepping away from this account. I don't know how long for.

Heterosexual and heteronormative are not the same thing, and I think it's important for people to remember the difference between them.

@judeswae it makes so much sense though. For sure it’s a simplification and I would like to understand the details a bit better

In 2020, the world collectively spent approximately $1.8 trillion on its militaries. If that much money was spent on food, welfare, healthcare, and infrastructure, I doubt there would be much reason left for everyone to keep fighting.

So 18% of the population of India organised the largest general strike in history. A quarter of a billion people. 3.2% of all living humans on planet Earth. And the English speaking world is mostly just... not paying attention?

@egrasmed I bought lot of books from my budget just last week. Some are on the topics you mention:
Eddo-Lodge Reni – Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race
Angela Davis – Women, race & color
Noam Chomsky – On anarchy
Miles White – From Jim Crow to Jay-Z

Currently there is a large #climate lawsuit happening against #shell. 17k plaintiffs + an several environmental NGOs against want to force shell to reduce co2 emissions via the dutch legal system (shell is a dutch company).

The opening proceedings are happening this week with other proceedings happening later this month.

Read more about the case here: en.milieudefensie.nl/climate-c

Some background info by Jelmer Mommers (in dutch): decorrespondent.nl/11868/de-kl

@judeswae I wonder what the implications of the JavaScript optimization are. Is that one reason for why all browsers on iOS have to use the built-in WebKit to render? Does Safari on M1 perform much more better than the other browser engines?

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