Twitter has been open about its plans for a premium service in the past few months.
Twitter Blue, monthly $2.99 subscription includes ability to organize tweets into collections and ‘undo tweet’ button
Alongside Twitter Blue, the company may be exploring more expensive tiers of subscription that roll one or both acquisitions into an affordable bundle.

I guess that's why they call it a piece of cake?? lol
Was about time we say.....
Still plenty of double-standards on that platform but hey: nothing is fair in love and war....
Take your pick!

A new feature on Twitter designed to allow people to share "their fleeting thoughts" has faced a backlash, with many saying it encouraged harassment.
So-called "fleets" vanish in 24 hours, and Twitter said they are meant to "help people feel more comfortable joining the conversation".
Fleets allow users to post text, photos or video which appear in bubbles at the top of the app for 24 hours.

It seems it won't be long before President Donald Trump will have to follow the same rules and regulations on Twitter as everybody else -- or risk having his tweets removed.

Twitter alternative Parler has become the most-downloaded app in the United States as conservatives flock to the self-styled "free speech" app after the US election.
It follows a clampdown on the spread of election misinformation by Twitter and Facebook in recent days.
Owner Dan Bongino said the service was adding "thousands to users per minute" on Sunday.

Beginning on election night through the inauguration, Twitter said it would place warning labels such as “official sources called this election differently”, or “official sources may not have called the race when this was tweeted”.
The company said it would consider state election officials and national news outlets such as ABC News, Associated Press, CNN and Fox News that have independent election decision desks as official sources for results.

OK, first "Toot" - I'm (we - there are a few contributors to that blog and consequently here) joined as we feed-up with that behavior we encounter at Twitter - a toxic environment PLUS a incompetent support PLUS censorship by means of unjustified account suspensions - Thanks ! We actually believed most you did spew over the past 10+ years


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