🇩🇪EU-Kommission plant keine "generelle Schwächung, direkte oder indirekte Verschlüsselungsverbote für alle Bürger wie z.B. durch Einbau von Hintertüren", so die Antwort auf eine Anfrage besorgter Abgeordneter. #RechtaufVerschlüsselung

🇬🇧#SaveEncryption: EU Commission tells concerned MEPs it is not planning to "generally weaken, directly or indirectly ban for all citizens, such as through the introduction of 'back doors'", #encryption.

@echo_pbreyer and of course it's a joke! 😂 Everything is backdoored. Don't believe me? set up a BIOS password, enter a wrong one 3 times, you get a hash... Enter the hash here bios-pw.org/ and see how effective is setting a BIOS PWD 😩


@lvpha @echo_pbreyer Wow. That's... disturbing, if useful.

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