Next, could someone develop an Instagram that’s not Instagram please.

@non_saturatio off to have a look. Last thing I joined that was the new Instagram was basically a front for NFTs, put me off fairly quickly.

😳 Understandable!
Well, pixelfed is another fedi place, with its own instances and all. You can see and follow their accounts from the federated timeline here in mastodon if you want.


@typejunky BeReal isn’t meant to be a dupe but is an interesting replacement for one aspect of Instagram (checking in with friends via photo).

@kitbest I’ll have a look. I’m an old Flickerite from the early days when it had lively communities/groups on it which was killed in about 2014 by the upgrades they did. Always missed that aspect, and Insta just doesn’t do it, it’s a marketing forum with photos in it.

@typejunky It hasn’t got many fancy features yet, but I tecenstarted using Supernova.

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