An update on the scale model record shop and derelict launderette. Now flyposted and has records in it.

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Morning all. I have to continue the odyssey of taking a website to bit and putting it back together blindfolded. I may be some time.

I made a roller shutter for it the other night. Needs a lick of paint, but you get the gist.second pic is a dry fit.

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Sorry if the site has been slow lately, there’s a cat on it

Anyone know why if I try and tweet a photo my publish button is greyed out?

Just found Funkwhale, this should keep me occupied reading things I don't understand for a while.

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Is there a Fediverse version of Apple Music/spotify yet? One where artists get the subscription rather than some yacht owning talentless suit?

@DanielHunter I'm still slightly confused by all of it. But it's does seem quite twat free generally.

@DanielHunter There's two of you, is this some sot of dystopian nightmare?

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