fun uxn/tal stuff

you can concatenate other data to your rom after assembling it; having labels without data at the end of your uxntal code can make it convenient to access this data

as an example, nasu .chr files; this could be helpful if you use a lot of 2bpp sprites

houses canonically exist

ft. updated character art

uh i guess

an elevator thing i made some time ago (ft. uses functionality actually fit for the purpose)

i added a basic lighting engine to my side project even though it might not actually need it
(also pictured: palette snapping)

hmm post on the end of the year
this was an experiment with using a different palette than i usually do, i quite like it (tbf there's frost)

hurried post 'cause new year

more side-project art;
name: soup;
pronouns: they/them;

i started a new side-project recently, aptly-named Yet Another Side Project; this is a character art for the project. his name is frudri and he prefers he/him pronouns.

decided to try making a static website generator... this could be interesting. don't know how i'll implement styling or body composition yet

i am going to bed soon, but i wanted to share some art (outside of a self-referencing meme :polarbear:)
small pseudodragon


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