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The idea behind polyamory is seeing relationships as relations, not mere functions.

I'm not on the electoral registry, why the fuck is the labour party sending me vote-for-me letters to my name and address

Just spent 2h making a playlist for tonight's party 😌

Deactivating the spell chdcker on my ohone because I like to live on the edgw

Anyone else feels cool when they manage to perfectly return a ball or a skate board that comes towards them out of the blue? 👈😎👈

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gender diversity census Canada 2021

"Younger generations had larger shares of those who were transgender or non-binary. The proportions of transgender and non-binary people were three to seven times higher for Generation Z (0.79%) and millennials (0.51%) than for Generation X (0.19%), baby boomers (0.15%) and the Interwar and Greatest Generations (0.12%)."

"Just under 1 in 100 young adults aged 20 to 24 were non-binary or transgender (0.85%)"

You know you are depressed when friends start bringing you chocolates whenever you meet them.

Just found myself saying "I need vibes"

Went out with a group of 15 pilots yesterday, the only woman other than Mia left before I arrived. Been +8 years since I experienced such a boyish lad culture. After some drinks it stopped being pure cringe and started being almost endearing. Definitely an experience.

In "Tgis Week's Sleeping Challenges" we got:

- works going on just outside my window
- cute cat that comes nag you every so often
- friend that stays over for a couple of days
- flat party that you organised despite knowing better
- quite a bit of personal shit hitting the fan

Today is the first day in almost two weeks that I mark as "a nice day"

My newest pet pevee is wearing sunglasses even at night. It makes for a very druggie look 👌


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