anyhoo good luck getting the ducktales theme song out of your head


Rudy Giuliani getting his house raided and electronics taken in is one of the funniest things to me

using my powerful telescope i detect a child lending another child their copy of my derivative hack book for children. i run over and elbow-drop the grubby little bastard before they can violate my publisher's god given copyrights

boosting my posts without paying a licensing fee is intellectual theft, and a copyright violation

cheering as my publishers drop a bunker buster on the public library, annihilating it perfectly and poisoning the entire town

The funny thing about the Bill Gates nanobot stuff is that there is, once again, a real conspiracy happening: a small group of people, including Gates, have decided to withhold info that would allow other countries to manufacture the vaccine his foundation developed. Info that would possibly save thousands--or perhaps millions--of lives.

homework does help people learn better, but the ways it is commonly deployed probably does far more harm. exams, meanwhile, serve no purpose whatsoever and probably actively hamper learning most of the time by rewarding strategies that don't promote long-term learning

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maybe the fact that people a decade or more out of school still have stress dreams about failing exams or not turning schoolwork in could be taken as a sign the means used to impose standardisation and discipline in schools are fucked up, huh

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