Self-tapping PGA169 (with tightening screw, internal gear array)
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"When you diff GPL'ed vendor source dumps against the upstream sources."
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INTRO: Hey, I'm healyn. Been here for a bit, sometimes like to take time away from social media. Not a gamer. Just took a pill shaped like one of the Rick and Morty characters. Data Analyst. Why is my artificial houseplant shouting at me. Seriously knock it off. Enjoy hiking, but don't get out there nearly enough haha. What the fuck, plant??? I will end you. Jets and Mets fan (I know! It sucks!). You wanna go, you fucking plant???!!!!

They were very unfair to the Chicken Man. We’re looking into it more and more. They’re saying “Oh, please, sir,” every day they’re coming up to me, some of them with tears in their eyes. “Please, sir, they blew up the Chicken Man. You gotta do something.” And his house, too! “Please, his beautiful house…blew it up, too.” And we are. We are looking into it because we love our Chicken Man, don’t we folks?!

friendly reminder that SOCIALISM. IS. VALID.

and NONE of these things are incompatible with being a smol bean with social anxiety uwu

first job 110 hours (16 hours on 6 days a week, 14 on sundays). edge during breaks to maintain high t for maximum efficiency
second job also 110 hours
side hustle 50 hours
workout 56 hours minimum
daytrading apes 10 hours
family court 5 hours
nut in your cereal for extra protein

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Patrick: All right! Thanks, Bob. You're the meat inside... and the ceiling and coughs for swimming hard) For Neptune's sake man, speak the formula. He opens the door)

Back in the old days, it was obligatory for product ads to show people how the tech and math in the box actually worked, even only to a superficial level. Nowadays it's 100% buzzwords. I'd love to watch an ad like that in 2022. #electronics #amateurradio #hamradio

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