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I woke up thinking about Uji (宇治市). I really hope Japan opens soon, I miss pilgrimage (聖地巡礼).

Yesterday I played M.U.S.H.A. on the Mega Drive for the first time ever and holy shit, what a game...

I guess not really a hidden gem because literally everyone who plays shmups knows about it, but it's really a great gateway game for folks who haven't tried shmups yet.

Fun fact: the Japanese version of Ridge Racer is the very first PlayStation game registered: SLPS-00001

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I got a bit nostalgic after receiving some kind words about some of my hobby projects so I compiled one of them again to do some with some of games that are "playable".

I'm not too happy with the code anymore 😅 but I'm really proud that these projects still compile without any problem on multiple platforms. I need to find time to rewrite some of these now that I'm more comfortable with C++ and CMake.

And of course, I own copies of every single game I emulate 😉

I wonder if we're going to remember the current decade anime by the characters singing the opening songs the same way we remember the last decade by the characters dancing complex choreography.

After replacing the battery in the mainline third generation Pokémon games you absolutely need to reset the RTC with the in-game menu because of some weird behaviour too ridiculous to explain here.

What's funny here is that the max value for day was 9999 and I didn't know that at the time, so I went from the value shown in this photo to zero in the wrong direction... it took a while 🤦

I really hate replacing batteries in Game Boy Advance games, main reason being the battery going over ROM chip 😖

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