Saw this in real life in rural Japan.
It reminded me of Non Non Biyori.
#japan #anime


@codewiz if you're ever in Tokyo, visiting the Non Non Biyori town is an awesome day trip, not too far:

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@codewiz thanks for the boost!
The people at the tourist info center are super friendly and will draw a route to the school on a map for you. You can rent a bicycle from them. The school isn’t open anymore but when you get there someone will open it for you and you’ll get a tour. Overall it’s a really experience, people there are incredibly friendly and biking along the rice fields is something I don’t think I will ever forget.

@unsafepointer First, I need to wait until the border. I was a Japan resident until 2021, but now I have to come in on a tourist visa 😞

@codewiz I can’t wait until they open their borders 😢, really miss Japan.

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