Beautiful nails 

Don't mind me, just showing myself

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If you are wondering what a certain special person to you are doing

I am wondering about a certain person too

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mh-, shitpost 

me: ok lets start working on this cool new project now
*is super enthusiastic*
brain: ok but what if i broke ur down

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Der gutschweizerische Kompromiss ist keine Lösung beim Angehen von Krisen. Es braucht klare politische Transformation- Eigenverantwortung allein hilft nicht bei all diesen Krisen, wie die bisherige Erfahrung zeigt.


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in dutch we don't say "i don't care" we say "dat zal mij m'n reet roesten"
which literally translated means something along the lines of "that'll rust my ass"

and i think it's beautiful

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light themes are a marketing scheme invented by opticians to sell more eyes

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moneybegging for take out 

i guess the only way for me to get anything decent to eat right now is to order take out. if you want to donate any money to me to help me get some decent food...then feel free to do so.

Cash App:$NatsumiKitty
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Languages, platforms, and systems that break from the norms of computing

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imagine just letting people be who they are and not being a massive fucking asshole

For those who will see this toot...

Anyone knows a music server? Like, for artists, musicians...

For artists in general I would like to know too

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Are we human
Or are we dancer?

I'm a cat, thanks, don't include me in your human/dancer binary

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What is the rectangular mouse replacement thing on a laptop typically in between the keyboard and user?

Just for curiosity, anyone knows how to join four ends of differents ropes?


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