@777 yeah, people change...
some of them, very quickly tho

In this case, imao, it's best to keep the good things(memories) and keep going

@777 reality can be hard sometimes, but I am always a dreamer...

(good line here... * taking note *)

Beautiful nails 

Don't mind me, just showing myself

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@etikaetika The seed for someone try to wake 5am imao

If you are wondering what a certain special person to you are doing

I am wondering about a certain person too

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mh-, shitpost 

me: ok lets start working on this cool new project now
*is super enthusiastic*
brain: ok but what if i broke ur down

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Der gutschweizerische Kompromiss ist keine Lösung beim Angehen von Krisen. Es braucht klare politische Transformation- Eigenverantwortung allein hilft nicht bei all diesen Krisen, wie die bisherige Erfahrung zeigt.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/biodiversityCH/sta

@a_lizard oh wait, you said illustrate

I just jumped in conclusions, sorry

@a_lizard just fucking gooooo

To the planning stage, of course

Pehaps you would like to know the snowflake method?

Anyway, do what you want, im just looking forward for a book like this

@a_lizard you make me to remember a book, where in here has a ficcional tongue, where what you say when someone is mad or just upset, is translated as "don't shove a spoon in your eye for this"

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in dutch we don't say "i don't care" we say "dat zal mij m'n reet roesten"
which literally translated means something along the lines of "that'll rust my ass"

and i think it's beautiful

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@chemelia If you are a writer or something like that, you should put this society in some ficcional world

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light themes are a marketing scheme invented by opticians to sell more eyes

@mike Looks fun

In my house this is pointless, my family is all in technology

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