@pp Hello, Nong! May I get a followback? Thank you, by the way!

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@vachirawit Mornight, P'bai! Followed you already~ Let's mingle well in the future c:

@pp Thaaank you so much! Sure, sure. I'm looking forward to have a length conversation with you! <3

@vachirawit I'm a lil bit awkward actually, hope you don't mind 555.
Anyway, why you still awake at this hour? :smugcat:

@pp Actually.. I'm a little bit awkward too at first because socialize ain't my forte. 💧 Cannot sleep! And I think being a nocturnal isn't that bad 555. How about you?

@vachirawit It's a common thing when we start our first time convo though, we are humans. 😝 I'm sorry i fell asleep right after i replied to yout toots. How time did you sleep last night, p'Bai?

And good afternoon 🌤️

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