Saw Grognardia contemplating consumerism and how, much as he resents it, it was through consumerism that FRP entered his orbit.

"Capitalism will give us everything we want, and it will give it to us wrong" is a quote I think of often. It has a corollary:

That each thing capitalism sets before us is a shabby and twisted version of some object of authentic desire.


We can try to imagine how these things might look in their uncorrupted form.

I think it was a glimpse of one such form that got me into the OSR a couple of years ago - an abundance of game material made primarily for its own sake, for use, for the love of it, not for its exchange-value.

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If you find beauty in the mall, it's because there is beauty there.

Only imagine, what would the true mall be like?

The mall that was built not for value-extraction, but for you.

@valinard 5e was an effort to not make money on the game itself, but designed as a labour of love so that Hasbro could sell keychains and pinballs with a D&D logo plastered on. And ironically it ended up a mega hit for them 💔

And you're right, I love how the OSR started in efforts to make this wonderful game free.

@Sandra Free in every sense. Well put.

I'm glad Hasbro went the way they did with WotC - for now at least we can pursue our goals in parallel.

To have (to some extent) recused themselves from the game and stuck to their core strength of licensing keychains.

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