First draft of my Aetherjammer space rules zine.

I find it helps to have a printed copy to annotate and look at while rewriting.

Saw Grognardia contemplating consumerism and how, much as he resents it, it was through consumerism that FRP entered his orbit.

"Capitalism will give us everything we want, and it will give it to us wrong" is a quote I think of often. It has a corollary:

That each thing capitalism sets before us is a shabby and twisted version of some object of authentic desire.

We spent a couple of sessions on Untrodden Isle, where the PCs found the terrible Vault of the Whisperer from Black Pudding: Heavy Helping #1.

It's a fun little dungeon with a consistent and kind of gross theme. The whole book is beautifully illustrated and playful. I printed my copy out on newsprint because it just felt like the right medium for it.

Back to my Sunday game after an absence due to illness.

Monodrone paladin upgraded from NPC to PC, much to the delight of his best friend, the party cleric.

PCs recovered the treasure of Captain Kellaway from haunted Wraithelm isle, and sought the aid of Leonardus the Reincarnator in restoring a draconic ally and the ill-fated creature known as the Dismemberer to life.

They came back as a dryad/faun couple. At no prior point in the campaign did I anticipate The Dismemberer getting a date.

This week, my PCs fought the Dismemberer, transformed the mage into a gender ambiguous purple half-fungal entity, and the disreputable half of the party snuck off in the hopes of obtaining pirate treasure while the others weren't looking, only to be betrayed and held hostage by undead pirates.

After a charming interlude at the Kilmoulis Cafe, the situation was resolved via another brutal sea battle and recriminations.

Old School Essentials is full of whimsical bits of artwork, but I think this piece by the wonderful Luka Rejec is my favourite.

Tonight the party visited the Isles of the Rune-Thrall, the Isle of the Reincarnator, Eidolon Islet, Hissing Cay, Shakar Island and after some debate sided with the green dragons, ghost pirates and buccaneers against the elven flotilla at the battle of Incursion Isle.

A storm blew up and whipped the sails above the bloody scene, while below mermaids and sea-serpents feasted upon those lost to the waves.


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