culture war nonsense 

Several solid socialists I know are fond of the slogan "liquidate the wokelords as a class", because of the consistently liberal-reactionary bent of 'woke' discourse. So it's hard for me to take reverence for 'wokeness' seriously as a shibboleth.

culture war nonsense 

@jeff_schmidt It seems a bit much to denounce him as a "terrible human" over that - itself a troubling term with the implication that it's desirable to go straight for someone's value as a person when judging the value of their beliefs.

Gillespie's comment seems more an expression of aesthetic preference than a political stance, not unlike the spoiler tag "culture war nonsense", which correctly recognizes the phenomenon as nonsense & distraction, not real political debate.

On the relationship between the decline of emergent structure in mainstream FRP game design, and the commercialization of the hobby:

@pseudonym You're right, those are the 'cool stuff'.

The loop in "returning to down to level up and build institutions and relationships" is "go into dungeon/wilderness -> return with treasure -> spend treasure & downtime actions -> go out again".

Building relationships and institutions are just examples of downtime actions in the system we're using.

@Sandra An excellent analysis, I think we'd understand games a lot better if more people framed these things in terms of where both they and the people they disagree with are coming from.

And your explanation seems to go well with my feeling that, if you find yourself fudging, that's a sign there's a rule that needs to be rewritten or ditched.

I've been thinking about what makes FRP fun, and decided to start at the beginning.

Talking about the rolling mechanic we developed for my Sunday campaign, using Wordle-style boxes.


🟥 Missed due to target's AC.
🟩 Hit.
🟦 Missed due to lack of ability.
🟨 Criticial Hit.

From an anti-fascist perspective I consider Battle's intervention actively counterproductive and dangerous. The article below explains some of the history and practice of no platform.

Battle lied about the people in his video. There is one actual fascist; the rest are libs and conservatives with no connection to the fascist. Some have ignorant views, but that is simply not fascism, and politically it requires the opposite prescription to fascism.

Read Master Mind of Mars this week; the pulp simplicity of the tale is refreshing and it has a very D&D feel to it - a party of misfits with different skills and personal objectives, harebrained impersonation and kidnapping schemes, heists and ruses, secret doors and strange transformations, the slight veering between self-interested amorality and heroism that adventuring parties tend to do.

In today's game we have a cursed sword to un-curse.

I've decided to do it via a Disgaea-style item dungeon, with the PCs entering the sword to fight the corruption within.

@Sandra But this only applies to long term, meaningful relationships.

I see things like brief interactions on social media for propagandistic, marketing or scam purposes as more dangerous, and there the problem isn't a future hypothetical.

@Sandra If we have a venn diagram of "answering machine"/"capable of forming meaningful relationships", this fear only comes to pass if those circles overlap. I don't think they do.

Humans are already good at differentiating between family members, friends, pets, beloved toys, imaginary friends and so on.

The branching-recording AI struggles by its nature to express or respond to novel ideas and feelings.

The path of least resistance to making humans think you're real may just be to be real.

@Sandra Humans are capable of loving objects, we can anthropomorphise any inhuman thing from Steve the Pencil to whatever Mark Zuckerberg is, but to my mind that doesn't make us susceptible, it makes us *resistant*.

We don't need pop culture to make us do it; it comes naturally. Children practice social relationships on dolls and plush animals, but they still know these aren't real people. We adore fictional characters, but we know they aren't real.

@ng76 I wrote one when I was a teenager, I wonder if I still have it?

@Sandra AI that acts prosocial and forms relationships and wants to be treated like a person doesn't strike me as a problem - it just integrates into the community.

Scarier IMO is the kind of faux-ai which isn't capable of that at all, easy to tell for what it is by the light of day, but rather very good at manipulation in a particular narrow context, for which it is maliciously deployed.

@Sandra Though that begs the question of how we know in the first place, if they look the same.

I can't prove that I'm not a p-zombie - and to a certain extent, it doesn't matter. The idea of a member of your family having no subjective experience is horrifying, but even if that's the case, they're still evidently capable of forming relationships, giving and receiving love, helping out around the place and being missed when not present.

Either the faux-ai can do that or it can't.

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