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Back to my Sunday game after an absence due to illness.

Monodrone paladin upgraded from NPC to PC, much to the delight of his best friend, the party cleric.

PCs recovered the treasure of Captain Kellaway from haunted Wraithelm isle, and sought the aid of Leonardus the Reincarnator in restoring a draconic ally and the ill-fated creature known as the Dismemberer to life.

They came back as a dryad/faun couple. At no prior point in the campaign did I anticipate The Dismemberer getting a date.

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Back in '98 I briefly ran a comic & game store, and @Vagrillbas painted this incredible Cthulhu sign for it.

The original was sold to, IIRC, a Portuguese heavy metal band. We had a low resolution scan which I've run through an AI enlarger here.

This week, my PCs fought the Dismemberer, transformed the mage into a gender ambiguous purple half-fungal entity, and the disreputable half of the party snuck off in the hopes of obtaining pirate treasure while the others weren't looking, only to be betrayed and held hostage by undead pirates.

After a charming interlude at the Kilmoulis Cafe, the situation was resolved via another brutal sea battle and recriminations.

Old School Essentials is full of whimsical bits of artwork, but I think this piece by the wonderful Luka Rejec is my favourite.

Perhaps something like:

4 - Second language commonly spoken in PC's hometown.
6 - Language of neighboring lands or cultures.
8 - Foreign language.
10 - Obscure language.

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Wonderfully elegant language system which eliminates up-front work and encourages PCs to boldly declare "I speak X!" when it comes up, sometimes with hilarious results.

Under my Red Hack the roll would look something like this:

20 - Critical Success
Under Difficulty, and within INT - Mixed Success.
Over INT - Failure.
1 - Critical Failure.

Since a failure due to difficulty is still a success of a kind, difficulties need to be assigned and can be quite high.

Tonight the party visited the Isles of the Rune-Thrall, the Isle of the Reincarnator, Eidolon Islet, Hissing Cay, Shakar Island and after some debate sided with the green dragons, ghost pirates and buccaneers against the elven flotilla at the battle of Incursion Isle.

A storm blew up and whipped the sails above the bloody scene, while below mermaids and sea-serpents feasted upon those lost to the waves.

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This is Violet & Marigold. They're eladrin twins from the feywild who were banished after writing and performing a scandalous play. They subsequently got banished from Baldur's Gate for doing the same thing again. They have an unsettling naivety, not really understanding how the world works.

Unbeknownst to the party (and to him) Marigold is a ghost. His soul is unable to pass on until he can return to the feywild, so the pair of them have ventured to Icewind Dale in search of an entrance

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#boatmode session 50! Madeira joined the party! An NPC mermaid who wants to learn to live on land like HC Andersen intended♥

She is a level 4 expert who loves art and culture. She is a jeweler.

Session generally… the B-team practiced sword point diplomacy in Mermaid City a.k.a. fighting the queen for treasure.

For a 5h session not a lot happened, mostly a chill sesh leveling up, choosing spells, attuning to items etc.

They just arrived to Jumlat! Diegetic date: Gammam 10, 1494. (Around three weeks after the A-team’s time line.)

Thoughts on using distinct described "experiences" over XP for levelling PCs.

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