Working or watching videos with rain or winter storm sounds playing at the same time is so soothing and makes me completely forget it's damn hot outside.

Será que aqui vai ser o lugar pra onde vou fugir quando o Twitter e o Facebook estiverem mais insuportáveis do que já são?

Craving for a huge glass of oat milk and my bed.

Quero mais gente pra seguir - só pra não ficar vendo os mesmos posts das mesmas pessoas.

Iron and Wine reminds me the last days my dog Charlie was alive. He was 10 and had a heart condition. I woke up around 6am and took him to the balcony to watch the sunrise and this song began playing. He died a few days later, on January 1st 2009. I still miss him a lot.

The sharp pain behind my left eye is making me crazy

My husband is playing Unravel and the soundtrack is so repetitive is making me nervous. *the game is awesome tho*

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