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We are on the verge of the next blockchain revolution.

The point in time you will be telling your grandchildren about.

Blockchain 1.0 = Bitcoin (Distributed ledger)
Blockchain 2.0 = Ethereum (Smart contracts)
Blockchain 3.0 = @Polkadot $DOT (Scalability, interoperability)

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We are happy to announce that we have been audited by Vidar @vidartheauditor and No issues were detected.
We believe audits are necessary in order for us to build trust with our community members.

Read the full analysis: ipfs.io/ipfs/Qma74zbVx1CpPoqL5

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1/ Happy to announce an ecosystem investment round to make @zksync Ethereum's main payment backbone — and to turn into an EVM-compatible ZK rollup.


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I met a VC just now who told me that he’s done a lot of research into cryptocurrency and has decided that bitcoin is the only one that will succeed. I then told him I work at Uniswap which is built on ethereum and he said “oh is that like pancakeswap? Or sushiswap?”



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So what happened to Furuсombo👇

An attacker using a fake contract made Furuсombo think that Aave v2 has a new implementation.
Because of this, all interactions with ‘Aave v2’ allowed transfers approved tokens to an arbitrary address.

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It's coming, you know it's March in few days :D

@synthetix_io exchange part on @optimismPBC very soon

Cannot believe it twitter.com/kwenta_io/status/1

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BREAKING: @MicroStrategy announced the purchase of another $1.026 billion in on Wednesday.



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"We are going to see a day when 7-8 billion people have a bar of digital gold on their phone, and they are using it to store their life savings," says @michael_saylor .

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You should not worried about Ethereum forks or protocol ones

This is inevitably will bring EVM and Ethereum as the standard for smart contract blockchains

Forkers have to be worried

Ethereum future is the Internet of blockchains

The universal and global settlement layer ;)

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If DeFi power users like @HughKarp are getting hacked, are any of us safe?

This is the terrifying story behind the $24m attack of Hugh Karp of @NexusMutual. And how you can protect yourself from the same fate!

Every DeFi user should read this.


Embarking on a review of a new interesting project @deor_io

A fully decentralized oracle network with a randomizer, reputation & security monitoring systems.

So much needed in the space ...

Interesting ...
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It's beautiful. Majestic. I'm tearing up at the sheer magnificence of what Zerion has given us.

@0xdeadf4ce @vidartheauditor @vasa_develop

They have adaptors for everything.


I support the implementation of EIP-1559 to improve the user experience of Ethereum network transactions. supporteip1559.org

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The dark arts of DeFi are the most profitable.

~$37.5M stolen from @AlphaFinanceLabs in a tale of fake magic, confusion and accusation.

An unreleased protocol under attack by hackers with inside info.

Trust no one - especially those closest.


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