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U.S. news media are addicted to high gas prices stories. It takes no effort and generates rage clicks. They never even mention that despite the increases, the U.S. still has gas prices that are at the lowest of any western democracy (they could also run stories on not buying so many gas guzzlers or switching to hybrids/EVs.)

It would be great if the media would provide context like this on the causes of both inflation and gas prices so we don't end up losing our democracy in the next election. The constant "look how high the gas prices are!!!" with no framing is useless.

People need to look at the real causes and some need to look at their practices. If you don't need to drive all over, don't. Prices will come down for people who really need to get to work or a hospital.

This stuff is temporary. People losing their rights to self determination won't be easy to fix, despite all the people who want us to believe it.

Opinion | $5 gas is largely Putin’s fault-

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@RJA @TonyStark @MariaHill

"Is that a cliff ahead?"
"Are you speeding up?"
"That's right, pedal to the metal, baby!!"

Because that's what absolutely insane people, steeped in selfishness and denial do.

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For democracy to be saved, we must all vote for Democratic candidates, because almost all the Republican candidates are clearly unable to tell fact from fiction, or if they can, lie about it anyway.

There may be a few left (say a Liz Cheney, who I don't agree with much but on some things I do) in varying corners of the country, but the days of 'reasonable' Republican candidates on the whole are far behind us.

I've been pretty open about my initial support for Joe Biden. My first four picks were Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Julián Castro, and Cory Booker. Joe was above people like Mike Gravel, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang, though.

However, I didn't say negative, unfounded things about him. And when he won, I volunteered, donated, talked to people, anything I could do.

Anything else is inviting disaster. I like Fetterman. Everyone should first and foremost vote. Vote your best choice. Then support the winner like you love them.

Other people's lives depend on it.

@gme I don’t claim to understand a lot about what you do for a living, but you piqued my interest for a follow. Cheers!

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The GOP has been chipping away at abortion access for decades.

We need to elect more pro-choice Democrats to protect abortion access long-term, and in the immediate, we need to financially support abortion access so people can have access to safe and legal abortions right now, no matter what state they live in. 

Many people have posted about how to financially support abortion access and we'll continue to do so here.

If you’re interested in fighting for change through electoralism, consider donating to state races in #Arizona, #Michigan, #Maine and #Pennsylvania. In the former two, abortion will instantly become illegal once Roe is struck down and the legality of the procedure in the latter two depends on Democratic control of the legislature and governor's seat. State attorney general races are equally important as these offices can make or break the decision to prosecute. #RoeVWade

Want to Protect Abortion Rights? Give to These Critical State Races-

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@kjetil_kilhavn @pluralistic

Means testing a program is a 100% guaranteed way to make sure that it will eventually be taken away by a group that doesn't directly benefit from it.

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@kjetil_kilhavn @pluralistic

I sometimes feel like a broken record at this point, but if the US seems committed to a policy that seems insane to Europeans, it's probably because of racism.

A large chunk of white American will willingly accept worse outcomes for themselves if it means keeping "undeserving" minorities even more oppressed.

A long form book covering a few examples

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@pluralistic As a Norwegian, who is by no means a billionaire, I can assure the US citizens that the only people who benefit from not having free colleges and universities are the richest people. I pay a high tax rate. My willingness to do so would be a lot lower if someone said "but *your* children won't have free health care, dental care, college, or university".

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Currently, there are 23 states with GOP trifectas and two states in which the Republican state legislature can override the Democratic governor’s veto. If left unchecked, Republicans will continue to introduce legislation to limit fundamental rights across the board.

Electing more Democratic governors and breaking up GOP power in state legislatures is critical this year, and in elections to come.

To defeat the GOP and their far-right agenda, we’ve got to continue to knock on doors, make calls, write letters, donate, and help turn out millions of voters in November to deliver a resounding Democratic victory.

Remember: right now, abortion is still legal in the United States. Let’s continue the work to safeguard abortion access by electing Democrats who will outright reject Republicans’ continued attacks on civil liberties.

An effective way to do this is targeting races to keep and flip Democratic. That's what Swing Left does. Join them.
#CallToAction :CTA:

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I’m glad to see so many sharing where people can donate to help people obtain abortions.

This is a great site that shares funds for all 50 states. There is a strong network of abortion funds throughout the country that have provided financial and practical support for decades.

This is a great resource to share for people who will need it and for those who can to donate time or money. #AbortionRights #RoeVWade

Need help paying for an abortion? - National Network of Abortion Funds-

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My ebooks and audiobooks (from Tor Books, Head of Zeus, McSweeneys, and others) are for sale all over the net, but I sell 'em too, and when you buy 'em from me, I earn twice as much and you get books with no DRM and no license "agreements."


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Why can’t I attach pictures to a post? Nice ones, I assure you.

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Good evening #Astrodon!

The Event Horizon Telescope, which showed us the supeemassive black hole in M87 a few years back, have taken a closer look at the one in the center of our own Milky Way. On May 12th, they are going to show us the results!

#astronomy #astrophysics

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I'm an astronomer currently fighting for regulation and better engineering of satellites (particularly Starlink) so that the night sky isn't ruined for everyone:

I also have super cute baby goats!

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This morning (4/28), I'm on a streamed panel called "The Power of Utopia," hosted by The Center for Artistic Activism:


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Another tip for new Mastodon users ( like me ):

Unlike Twitter, which shows strangers' posts in your feed once they get popular or once your friends like them, Mastodon appears to only show you posts by people you're following and posts they've boosted ( which is Mastodon-ese for RT )

So if you appreciate someone else's post and you also want your followers to see it too, you need to click those boost arrows. Just clicking the fave star won't make it visible to your followers.

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