Good morning, friendos!

I've been so sleepy, going to school & working hard for overtime money.

I've learned a lot & am working on my first eurorack module now which will be a clock divider.

Also, I'm married now! 💍

My wife is lovely Hanna.

I miss you all & am hoping to catch some of you on radio later this week!

Omg, i've been so busy! School is going really well & i like my job a lot, too.
I really miss everyone here & hope yr all doin ok!

Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

@jayrope I thought you might find this interesting. Its a converter for scaling cv to a range that's appropriate for video synth hardware. I'm thinking of picking one up eventually & doing some video synthesis for live shows synced to my modular setup. ⚡

Yo its 4/20 im about to burn one...a mac os 9 cd that is!


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