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If you want to contact me (for whatever reasons), DM me. Since I've disabled all Mastodon notifications, even if you reply to my Toots, I won't be notified.

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I used Twitter in a similar vein to this account but found that once acquaintances knew about the account, I become much more reluctant to post impromptu, honest posts. It turned into a place for only updates about my work, and not updates about what I was thinking.

This anonymous account is to re-create that 'unknown' Twitter experience I once had. By using the thing entirely through of course, and vigorously dumping whatever's in my head here.

Trying to involve others in whatever I do (exercise, recovery, gamedev). When you have someone accompanying you to work towards something you both want, both of your progress is multiplied a hundredfold.

Relapse is a painful reminder that you're human and have limits. It's also a reminder that you're proactively heading for a better place and that you'll get there, as long as you keep walking in spite of the missteps.

Around my age is when one paramount question hits: What the hell do you want to do with your life?

Guess reading the biographies of a few US Supreme Court justices and the first few chapters of Steven Pinker's The Sense of Style helps a tiny bit; spending effort honing my writing almost daily through Tooting on this account too.

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Strange, I feel more eloquent recently.

Also the host used the Brave browser which is the first time I've seen somebody else in real life use the thing. Unsurprising for someone with the intent to promote blockchain I guess.

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Recovery feels more like a mean nowadays rather than an end which was my approach to it in the past.

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Just listened to 1-hour workshop on TikTok advertising and brand-building from a non-profit promoting blockchain in my country. Wat.

Actually had a terrific time there and learned a lot. I'll definitely give the place another visit soon.

I've found that I get a bolt of inspiration from 1AM to 3AM for some reason. It's been like that for a while, that I would slack off from 10PM into the midnight, but once 1AM hits I starts doing productive stuff out of the blue.

Does Toots show more detailed creation time and privacy status now? Seems like Mastodon's UI just changed a tiny bit.

Talking face-to-face with others always bring me down to earth and lift my mood.

I feel like I've learned enough to know my addiction is not the root of all my problems and that recovery won't solve everything magically. It's so much more than just "stay sober and everything works out".

Working even harder on my project feels like the only escape I can have now.

If you're clueless about local cuisine like I am, watching foreigners review the food where you're from is a great way to discreetly learn about it.

I get overwhelmed and rush things just for them to end disastrously all the time. Seriously need to work on that as it has been the root cause of why I was practically fired from my job and why I just suck at everything involving others.

Reading biographies give me hope for some reason. It's one way to cope with my feelings now. I guess I'll try reading more again.

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I just want to close my eyes, and not wake up again.

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My future just collapsed on itself. I cannot find the energy anymore.

I'm afraid my life will become a cautionary tale.

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