Creating a self-hosted instance for local communities seems to be a fantastic utilization of Mastodon's power.

Reading the stuff at and it's been fantastic so far.

What started as a light read, before clicking on the author's hyperlink to a The Verge article on gruesome and traumatizing the reality of Facebook content moderation, turned into an experience that drilled itself into my mind. Still reading the article.

@visec took me two days to finally not be an idiot and get mine running.

@root I might go through that process soon as well :)

@visec don't hesitate to reach out if you want the fast version. Hell, I'm probably gonna put up a github/gitlab repo for a turbo AIO today, I've got an itch to scratch :D

@visec It's what I love about Mastodon the most, they don't just sell you "federation", they actually make more use of it.

@Ninmi Mastodon, tbh, has been the only Fediverse platform I actually use in serious capacity. I have high hopes for it.

@visec, I've been thinking of doing that in Nashville! Are you starting one?

@combinatorist What I can be sure about is the idea to do so has been rooted in my mind :)

@visec Ya know politics and organizing aside, that might be a cool way to recenter communities that have moved to platforms like Facebook around something more privacy friendly. When I was a teenager we had a message board just for local kids that we made just to have a place to hang out. This was back before Myspace, Facebook or Twitter existed. Mastodon might be a cool way to move people back to locally hosted social media, but still be able to interact with others outside.

@gerowen I really hope Mastodon can be one way we take back control of our digital communication from the big social media corps. Way more people are concerned about privacy than I thought; some friends who are non-techies have expressed genuine concerns about Facebook's invasive reach, and frequently joked how Discord or Messenger reads all the messages.

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