So… any Vivaldi fans out there? We are new here. Drop by and say hello! 👋

@chadmccullough So nice to see you here as well as that other place! 😆

@stux Thank you do much. We know of your work around here on and other instances (☕ anyone) so it is nice to have a greet from you! 👍

@vivaldibrowser Ahh that's so nice to hear! :amaze:​🤩

You guys also deliver some amazing work, wow! ❤️ Keep it up :blobcathearts:

I think #Mastodon and the #Fediverse is a good social home for you :blobcatsnugs:

@stux Indeed, we need to fight back against big tech and infringements on our privacy together! 💪

@vivaldibrowser I'll believe that when Vivaldi stops sending any data back home, at least with an option :blobcatthinking:

@ices Actually we are working on that right now. It will happen!

@vivaldibrowser Yes! Big fan, have been using Vivaldi for some years now. Vivaldi come to fediverse! Me as fan said welcome to you 🎉👋

@vivaldibrowser @stux I’ve been using Vivaldi since way back when it was Opera and you had to pay for it 😉

@antijingoist Thanks for that. As it happens the person currently answering here (right now) is @ruari and I worked at Opera and was a fan long before that (I two had licenses: for Win, Mac and Linux). Thanks for your support with Opera and up to now! 🏆


Fangirl screaming

That’s fantastic! Keep up the great work!

@ruari @stux

@vivaldibrowser it’s great to have you here
Welcome to the Fediverse! :)

@jacobheringman You use Vivaldi? Nice (this is @ruari handling the account today) 😉

@vivaldibrowser @ruari Excellent! I use it as my primary browser, and like it very much. I don't currently use it for email because I find the Vivaldi email slightly impenetrable, but I plan to watch some YouTube videos about it and have another go.

@heikor143 Ok, I am not sure how to parse that sentence but thanks! 🤪

@Mojeek Very good to find you here. That is an insta-follow if ever I saw one! 👍

Yes, it has been such a long time since we spoke to you @lachralle 🤪

@dustin Of course this is how you would great us. I would expect nothing less from you! 🤪

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