I never did an #introduction!

Hi, I'm Max. I live in #NYC and do #journalism at PCMag where I cover #infosec, #security, and #privacy. I also write reviews of #VPN and professionally complain about #capitalism. I'm the Unit Chair of the ZDCG #union and moonlight as a #labor organizer. If you want to learn about how to unionize your workplace, plz DM me. I play #banjo badly and think about #medieval literature. I'm spending too much money on #fountainpens.

@maxeddy Hi Max! I'm also into tech and fountain pens. I also play banjo (5 string, Scruggs style). Nice to meet you!

@vwbusguy Nice! I have a Gold Tone AC-5 and a weird wood-top banjo. My first was an Oscar Schmidt!


@maxeddy Very cool! At some point I might want something nicer but I'm happy with this one so far. Gonna save up to upgrade my mandolin before buying anything else.

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