If you bought gear for mining and are ready to get out of that business but aren't sure what to do with the gear, consider donating your compute to a project that can help research diseases or academic pursuits. The BOINC credits have no real world value at all and you'll be using your gear to better humanity. Also, you can meaningfully contribute while using far less energy to do so and only using a fraction of your resources during idle periods.

@vwbusguy Indeed! BOINC has several cool scientific projects that can be contributed to. I used to contribute to World Community Grid (medical, environmental, and other humanitarian research),, Einstein@home, and of course the classic SETI@Home going back a couple decades. And yeah, Rosetta@home is under Biology and Medicine on the main BOINC list of projects. 😊

@renfield @erosdiscordia Indeed! I'm on all of those as well. I just didn't want it to be overwhelming with too many choices for those who are new to the concept. I'm curious if WCG is back up? It's been down since January for their infra migration.

@vwbusguy @erosdiscordia Oh, I don’t know. I actually stopped running it on my old laptop when Windoze 10 was making it overheat during the hot summer months. 🙄🥵😅

@vwbusguy The sort of people who got into crypto are also the sort of people who'd drop a car battery into the ocean for funsies. I don't think they're donating anything. They'll smash the parts out of a desire for revenge.

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