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I have an old small C# script, wanted to try if I can translate it to C++ and Vala.

I used to kind of familiar with C++ and done relatively okay. Vala, despite looks similar to C#, it has some stuff expressed differently from C# so I have to spend more time on Valadoc.

But in the end Vala looks easier to read than C++.

Went to café, and they play a playlist of Avril Lavigne. That was cool.

And I found several people sing to it throughout the playlist. That was awesome, haha!

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For GNOME users: Have you set up a compose key?

(If not, you should; it's fantastic. My use case is in a reply.)

Arma Reforger looks fun. But it needs aircraft (includes helicopters) before it can convince me to probably get it.

I just love flying.

It's been a while since the last time I'm constructing levels like this. It was pretty fun because I just have to constuct the level environment. Rough level design and level assets were done by someone else.

Awesome, Blueprint is cool! Not overwhelming like writting with XML.

Why does, Unity have to be so complex even a simple thing as post-processing, users have to install additional package via its package manager.

In contrast, Godot have it in simpler way, available in world environment settings (simply add the node to scene), there you have various post FX settings like colour grading, exposure, bloom, SSR, SSAO, etc.

I can make a nice looking lightning setup in faster than in Unity.

I just did a `rm -r` with * several times without remembering I still have sudo cached after removing packages.

I have the wrong path but good thing there's no kora* inside /usr/share. I could have accidentally removed some stuff.

I wanted to remove /usr/share/icons/kora*

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Productive hacking at LAS today: Jonas managed to get an initial implementation of two-dimensional navigation gestures working 🎉

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Stride (previously known as Xenko) is a free open source cross-platform game engine, you can follow at:


Their website is at stride3d.net

The web isn't just cluttered with ads, popups, notifications, etc. The URLs are also messy.

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KDE releases today Plasma 5.25 Beta. This is for testing purposes and not advised for production use or as a daily driver. The final release will happen on June 14.


Would you like to help KDE devs squash bugs? Find out how to install the test version of Plasma on your distro and report bugs to


There will be a special Plasma 5.25 Beta review day on May 26. You will be able to work with devs and solve bugs in real time!

Watch this space for more details.

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