If you're looking for a Mastodon app for Android, the best ones at the moment are probably Tusky and Fedilab. These are both available through Google Play and F-Droid.

There is also an official app for Android on the way but not yet available (Google Play is dragging its heels with the review process, apparently.).

You can see Mastodon apps available for all platforms at:


Scroll down to see the unofficial apps.

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@feditips you can get it already from github releases or better from F-Droid IzzyOnDroid repository.

@waimus @feditips

Yes, and for #Fedilab the added advantage of using #FDroid is that here the app is free, while there's a modest fee required for a Google Play installation.

(Though your payment via Google Play will help support the project, but you can also donate directly. See the fedilab.app/page/donations/ page)

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