Gone too wild playing with Workbench and Blueprint.

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@waimus I love hearing about what people build with Workbench – thanks for sharing.

Looks promising

@sonny Thank you! Workbench has been a very fun playground. Would it be possible to write multiple files, so user can like to write templates? Kind of like usual gtk gnome-builder project way.

@waimus can you describe a bit more precisely what problem it would solve?

I have to be careful not to re-implement GNOME Builder 😅

@sonny Basically working with multiple UI/blueprint files, I mean like I can define templates, then reuse them in other UI/blueprint file to avoid long repetition.

@waimus next Workbench version will support using templates from Code

And I have planned

Both should help, but ideally, once your prototype has reached a certain size – you would move it to GNOME Builder and use Workbench to build smaller parts of your app.

@sonny oh I see. The issue #62 is pretty good. I did think about if it's possible to do that while using Workbench.

@waimus one issue I've encountered while building the Icon Browser is that GTK Builder only support a single template per UI definition.

Supporting multiple UI files could solve it, but it's low on my todo list.

@waimus looks surprisingly like a website, but I don’t think it should be surprising, considering how close layouts and styling are to the web stuff…

@xerz I specifically tried to imitated Mastodon homepage UI. But yes it's somewhat similar to writing HTML files. Blueprints are compiled to XML defining the GTK UI layout and I also use CSS to style a lot of stuff.

@waimus yeah, that’s what I mean, layouts and styling being close tech-wise

@xerz @waimus this reminds me we really need a way for Linux apps to advertise URI support.

@waimus did you end up publishing this somewhere? I might be interested in making a GNOME Mastodon client.

@sonny I didn't save it, I was just playing around. And idk, it was too wild for GNOME HIG.

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