Garmin Connect still being down after more than 24 hours and supposedly being hit by ransomware is another reminder to own your own data! Take backups!

You never know when a web service will die. Glad I have everything locally anyway in the form of GoldenCheetah + backups elsewhere.

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@ward One model of their GPS leaves lots to be desired, so I'm not that upset about this. The GPS unit voice told me to turn left while the map said to turn right.

@coolpup Consistently everywhere or in a certain location? Either way, odd bug for them to have, I would think the arrow visualisation and the voice command are triggered from the same part of code. Some lag perhaps?

@ward It was the one location. I knew where to go, but thought I'd check the thing out. Trouble is that it wasn't just once that it happened at the same location. It happened twice, and I got a TomTom GPS the next pay day.

@coolpup If I'd have to guess, I'd think there was a bug in their map data in that location then.

I've had similar experiences with OsmAnd~. It sometimes gives me rather broken routing due to something in Openstreetmap being off.

@ward Whatever it was lost me as a customer. TomTom was muchh better, and even told me what lane I should be in, before the fact, if I was supposed to make a turn.

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