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@coldwave "just because of how hard it was to dig up" what would be the best way to make it less hard for future people to dig up? Any repositories it could be added to with sufficient metadata?

As somewhat expected, the Belgian 10k Road Champs this Saturday got cancelled because of the resurgence in cases in parts of

Communication kinda failed though, as a participant I only got a mail about it this morning while an athletics news site had reported it two days ago already. (I heard about it last night from a trainer at my club)

Pity, I was in a racing mood. This'll be just a regular down week then.

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@coolpup If I'd have to guess, I'd think there was a bug in their map data in that location then.

I've had similar experiences with OsmAnd~. It sometimes gives me rather broken routing due to something in Openstreetmap being off.

"The Flag and the Fury" episode by the "Radiolab" podcast was really good. It's about the Flag of Mississippi and the troubles they had with replacing it. Because of racism in the USA that was quite the ordeal. Lots of wtfing on my part.

@coolpup Consistently everywhere or in a certain location? Either way, odd bug for them to have, I would think the arrow visualisation and the voice command are triggered from the same part of code. Some lag perhaps?

Garmin Connect still being down after more than 24 hours and supposedly being hit by ransomware is another reminder to own your own data! Take backups!

You never know when a web service will die. Glad I have everything locally anyway in the form of GoldenCheetah + backups elsewhere.

@malfurya I know nothing about art and cannot give any good feedback, but just wanted to say that I like it.

@cldtech check out Preferences->other, you can select languages you want to see

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Garmin connect has been down and saying "server maintenance" for at least 8hrs now. You'd think a company that big would be a bit better at IT. Uploading my morning run is of vital importance!

A week away on holidays and my queue has gotten 16hrs longer, ugh. (that's *with* 1.5 speed)

Nvm that it was already longer than usual cause of ruining my commuting routines for the past months.

@dharmaraksita openstreetmap! OsmAnd on android works alright. I only miss Google maps for public transport planning and business info

@nolan That was better than I expected, might have to forward this to my highschool Latin teacher

@elo_dg Tu dois trainer(c'est ca le mot?) le point sur la carte quand tu es en mode editeur (click&drag).

@israuor Any info on age distribution of the new cases there? If there's many old people in the new cases, then you can expect those daily deaths to start climbing significantly in a week or so too 😬

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