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More and more schools in Germany chose Matrix. After Schleswig-Holstein and the "HPI Schul-Cloud" now Nordrhein-Westfalen starts to offer a Matrix based messenger to all schools. Yes, it is possible to build digital infrastructure for schools with Free Software and Open Standards. (de) #Matrix #FreeSoftware #Eductaion #OpenStandards

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I think Google should save everyone a lot of time and effort and jump straight to discontinuing new services:

"We are proud to announce that Google Kitchen Tools will no longer be available on Sep 1st 2020, nor has it ever been available. Should you wish to export your Google Kitchen Tools data, you should be aware that there is no data, as Google Kitchen Tools has never existed.

The Google Kitchen Tools Team"

Sudden discovery that OCaml doesn't have just a `==` operator (identity), but also a `=` operator (equality).

That bug took longer to solve than I care to admit and all it was about was incorrect string comparison.

If someone tells you that you'll "pick it up as you go" and to "not spend too much time reading through basics" when you're dropped into a project in an unfamiliar programming language, whack'm. Whack'm hard.

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I wish every #OpenStreetMap contributor knew this:

"note" is for other contributors
(e.g. The name looks weird but it really is the true name of this POI; or This is a temporary bus stop)

"description" is for people using the map
(e.g. "This shop sells wedding decor, accessories and clothing")

Apparently, iD now correctly explains the difference. 👍

Been waiting for the new 78 release to get pushed to my release channel. Finally decided to check out why it was taking so long for my local version 68 to get upgraded.


"Thunderbird version 78.0 is only offered as direct download from and not as an upgrade from Thunderbird version 68 or earlier. A future release will provide updates from earlier versions."

Whoops, should've read the release notes earlier.

As somewhat expected, the Belgian 10k Road Champs this Saturday got cancelled because of the resurgence in cases in parts of

Communication kinda failed though, as a participant I only got a mail about it this morning while an athletics news site had reported it two days ago already. (I heard about it last night from a trainer at my club)

Pity, I was in a racing mood. This'll be just a regular down week then.

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"The Flag and the Fury" episode by the "Radiolab" podcast was really good. It's about the Flag of Mississippi and the troubles they had with replacing it. Because of racism in the USA that was quite the ordeal. Lots of wtfing on my part.

Garmin Connect still being down after more than 24 hours and supposedly being hit by ransomware is another reminder to own your own data! Take backups!

You never know when a web service will die. Glad I have everything locally anyway in the form of GoldenCheetah + backups elsewhere.

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Garmin connect has been down and saying "server maintenance" for at least 8hrs now. You'd think a company that big would be a bit better at IT. Uploading my morning run is of vital importance!

A week away on holidays and my queue has gotten 16hrs longer, ugh. (that's *with* 1.5 speed)

Nvm that it was already longer than usual cause of ruining my commuting routines for the past months.

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So far every restaurant in has been playing mellow electro covers of pop . Is this some weird cultural thing?

Colleague needed a hashing function that gave him a string of only ASCII letters for some visualisation. The md5 hash that his language has built-in results in hex characters. I suggested he use that result and add 17 to the each character's code point.

Cases of slowly rising again in Belgium. Hope this isn't the start of a second wave...

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