I turned my attention to implementing feedback within the DSP graph. Currently the 64 sample buffers prevent immediate feedback, also due to the ordering algorithm. So HexoSynth will provide FbWr (Feedback Write) and FbRd (Feedback Read) nodes to send slightly delayed (1.5ms) audio to other nodes.

@weirdconstructor managing feedback in a block-based graph environment with sample accuracy is something I wish I knew how to do well. If you had any thoughts on that, I'd love to hear it.

@paul it's not sample accurately possible unfortunately to my understanding. Not even VCVRack is really sample accurate, because it executes the nodes in random order. But due to the one sample long buffer it's as perfect as it gets. It's really a trade off - do lots of DSP vs doing more accurate DSP.

@weirdconstructor ah, and here I thought VCVRack had that one tied up in a neat bow all this time. Thanks for the insight!

@paul well it's fine with vcvrack, because the order does not really matter for a single or a few samples.

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