I started another GUI rewrite, and this time the last one. I'll revive HexoTK and rewrite it's whole internals. It turned out that my coding style is not compatible with VIZIA. Also I am not patient enough to let my development get stalled because I wait for someone else to do work for me.

@weirdconstructor I was suprised that you switched to vizia, i looked into it when you mentioned it and it didn't feel quite mature to me. at least the "Coming soon..." here and there scared me off :D

@obsoleszenz well I had in mind that it would kinda help the ecosystem more if I invested into something that was going to be used in the Meadowlark DAW too. But there were features missing I really needed and the author had other priorities and switched development from Tuix to VIZIA. And the overall very declarative approach is not how I develop code. I need more straight control flow, that can be factorized into functions easily when I refactor.

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