I started building my own I call it the WeirdCube - the CAD model of the frame is done now. In the coming weeks or months I'm going to assemble it and develop the other parts that are missing. Check out my blog post here:

@weirdconstructor "FreeCAD is too limited and unstable"
I can get the unstable part. Not the limited one. It does not compute.

How was it too limited?

I've done CAD models to modify my 3D printer various times since 2013. All in FreeCAD.

BTW I work daily with a proprietary mid-range CAD program. I like to think I know a thing or two about CAD.

@normandc I had problems finding a proper assembly solution. And some things that are super easy in Blender with reusing other models and composing things from prior work did not make any sense to me. Too much functionality is scattered around multiple "workbenches". And all solutions for my questions I find online are full of switching between benches to hunt for the magic button. And once I try something out of the ordinary FreeCAD crashes on me.

@normandc I try to get into FreeCAD every few years and I like the constraints based and sketch based part. And then you hit the topological naming problem and have to jump through hoops. Blender is hands on for me. Everything flows and modifiers make some repetitive things less tedious.

@normandc I would really love to use FreeCAD more, because for most constructive things I do it would be almost perfect and easy to adjust sizes/tolerances. I would even be willing to deal with occasonal crashes.But I need a good assembly workbench. And currently there are multiple incompatible ones, A2Plus, Assembly3 and Assembly4 and it's just frustrating to think that next year the current assembly workbench might be deprecated. And some other user might not have the assembly plugin I use.

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