@Tay0 yea I have watched it more often than I would like to admit 😄 fast assembly video with epic music is way too much fun 🤣

Uploaded a little video about tinkering on my the WeirdCube: youtube.com/watch?v=AFRlRBzmQC

Just replacing the X gantry bracket with a more solid revision in transparent green.

I was able to finally complete the first working prototype of the WeirdCube 3D printer. The blog article describes the last steps I took to finally make it print. I'm so glad it worked on first try, and the results are really beyond my expectations!


The 4th devlog for my journey to build my own 3D printer I named the WeirdCube. Read and watch me (videos at the end of the blog article) design and assemble the Core XY motion system on the WeridCube m8geil.de/posts/weirdcube-4/

@normandc I would really love to use FreeCAD more, because for most constructive things I do it would be almost perfect and easy to adjust sizes/tolerances. I would even be willing to deal with occasonal crashes.But I need a good assembly workbench. And currently there are multiple incompatible ones, A2Plus, Assembly3 and Assembly4 and it's just frustrating to think that next year the current assembly workbench might be deprecated. And some other user might not have the assembly plugin I use.

@normandc I try to get into FreeCAD every few years and I like the constraints based and sketch based part. And then you hit the topological naming problem and have to jump through hoops. Blender is hands on for me. Everything flows and modifiers make some repetitive things less tedious.

@normandc I had problems finding a proper assembly solution. And some things that are super easy in Blender with reusing other models and composing things from prior work did not make any sense to me. Too much functionality is scattered around multiple "workbenches". And all solutions for my questions I find online are full of switching between benches to hunt for the magic button. And once I try something out of the ordinary FreeCAD crashes on me.

I started building my own I call it the WeirdCube - the CAD model of the frame is done now. In the coming weeks or months I'm going to assemble it and develop the other parts that are missing. Check out my blog post here: m8geil.de/posts/weirdcube-1/

The last week was another very busy week for me. I finished the design on the MakerGrid, worked on the spool holder (with MakerGrid extension), uploaded MakerGrid to Thingiverse & Prusa Printers and also experimented with the Raspberry Pi Pico, LEDs and Bluetooth a bit! Make sure to checkout my new blog post: m8geil.de/posts/week-of-weird-

@jeang3nie I was kinda lucky with the rp2040 (Raspberry) recently as there is a very active group of devs focusing on that platform currently - but there are still rough edges and missing functionality of course - especially compared to a finished production grade C SDK. But with Rust and an SWD interface I am able to see backtraces of my off-by-1 bugs when accessing fixed sized arrays. That was new for me and exciting to see on a microcontroller.

@jeang3nie I read your thoughts. About C on microcontrollers: After coding lots of highlevel stuff in Rust I was surprised that the embedded space for Rust was already quite advanced too. It was a breeze coding stuff for the Raspberry Pico (the microcontroller board) for instance. And I also heard positive stuff about the AVR/Atmel development too.

@jeang3nie Maybe it's just PTSD from learning C/C++, and with the tought of learning a new systems programming language all these traumas come back to mind. I'm thinking of the decade of learning C++ pitfalls by falling into each of them at least twice...

I designed an angle joint for the MakerGrid. And with this part, I also printed my first in-place print. That means the joint is not snapped together afterwards, but printed in place and comes rotatable from the build plate.

This was really fun, and it's going to be useful for many things now.

New week of weird constructions and a blog post: m8geil.de/posts/week-of-weird-
This weekend I developed the MakerGrid, a 3D printable clip based platform for experimenting/prototyping/tinkering. I also contributed more stuff to the rp-hal Rust embedded ecosystem.

New Blog post: m8geil.de/posts/week-of-weird-

This week I've reimplemented the HexKnob for the HexoTK rewrite (for HexoSynth) and also dived into the embedded Rust ecosystem by writing/cleaning up examples for SD card access and driving an WS2812 LED strip on an Raspberry Pi Pico using Rust.

Hope everyone had a great new year! I certainly had and put some time into my homepage. If you are interested in 3D printing you might want to checkout my first blog post: m8geil.de/posts/3d-print-filam

Welcome my new early X-mas present, my new Kingroon KP3S 3.0 printer. Due to shipping times for the Prusa Mini I looked for an alternative for a small 3D printer and found it!

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