As I progress in , the more time passes, the more I realize how and are the two most important factors for a and fulfilled life... How the corporate system makes us work hard and never get where we really want to, staying empty and hollow on the inside... This video sums this thought process really well, and I can only recommend watching it:

I think one of the reasons we appreciate ☕️ is because we know we can’t drink too many of it / day 😃

Software developers! Why is nobody developing a great audio player for macOS?! Something like AIMP is for Windows... We need a proper audio player with great library management and WAVEFORMS!!! Even if it would be costing some money, I'd buy it...

: A well organized music library does 80% of the job for making sure that you can build a great set flow.

I want an with a baseball hat. There are so many, yet that one doesn’t exist. 😆

So announced that will not be paying channels which are denying climate change. Neat way to push an .

Anyone using Standard Notes? Seems like they're having issues with syncing at the moment

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Frances Haugen, a whistleblower from provides internal documents confirming what most of us already know. Facebook optimizes its profit over its users best interest and societal safety.

You know what’s cool about understanding human ? It helps you tremendously to unfuck yourself. You get answers to questions and situations you don’t know why they are happening. Gaining deep understanding on what makes humans do certain things makes life so much easier… You know exactly why someone reacts the way he/she reacts to words you say or thoughts you share (including yourself — which enables rapid personal development), and a lot of times it just provides peace of mind.

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is seeing an uptick in new users! Come on in everyone, come on in.

I love it that FB is currently dead, hehe.

Haha, YT doesn’t let me comment that Singapure has 85% vaccinated and tons of cases. The comment is removed automatically.

I wish Steve Jobs was still alive...

People fighting over operating systems and gadgets in 2021 is so stupid…

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My neighbor seemingly operates in two distinct modes:

1. while unemployed, keep the entire house awake at night partying and screaming

2. when employed, wake the entire house by smashing doors at 5am

I like the Focus mode of iOS 15. Nice little addition… It’s pretty cool that you can make separate home screens for each Focus.

When they say “the most advanced iPhone we’ve ever made”, I cringe so much lol… Ofcourse it’s the best yet, it’s obvious you don’t go backwards bruh

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