Giving great advice to just about anyone, but failing to follow them yourself. 🙋‍♂️😂

Security experts advise us not to use outdated software, which is understandable. But I'm thinking out loud here, isn't a less updated but open-source software still better than a constantly updated proprietary software (privacy-wise)? Ie. let's say I pick a Pixel phone, and the life span of updates fades out, it should be still considered better for privacy than an iPhone or whatever other phone running proprietary software...Thoughts?

Some cool folks here on Mastodon... The few people I follow, my timeline feels like a family 😃 I need some more interesting fellas to follow, but I never take the time to browse around xd

Idk why, but for me Adobe software workflow always felt overwhelming to use… Like all of their apps… If I compare Illustrator and Affinity Designer, the Affinity software is so much more logical and easier to use… I can’t even find how to properly select shit in AI >.<

Our front neighbor is string trimmering his fucking grass on the street every single week for hours....It's fucking annoying -.-

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Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

Metatext users, now that we have an official Mastodon app, have you switched over or you keep using Metatext? I personally like Metatext.

🤣🤣 Moscow theater showing pirated version of The Batman 2022

Coming from the fact that these people immensely enjoy doing what they love, the creative industry is one of the most exploited ones...We often feel already compensated for our work just by getting enjoyment from it, which many times influences us to underestimate and undervalue what we made. This comes from the mind virus that most of us average folks have: "You have to work hard to earn money." Thus if it isn't hard, you didn't sweat for it, your subconscious gets confused.

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A message to our new friends:

1. Don’t use your Twitter password for your account. Reusing passwords is always a bad idea. A password manager is your friend here.

2. Set up your 2FA. You can do this from the browser or from within the official mobile app under Settings > Account Settings.

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Invidious vs. Piped. Which one you use and why over the other?

Holy shit, I didn't know I can use my iPhone as a remote speaker, sending the audio input from my mac in real time, wirelessly!!! 😱 That's fucking awesome, given that I can't handle any proper speaker sounds as of now (due to ear injury).

Idk why, but most alternatives are so bad with naming their service/product… One of my buddies associated Mastodon = masturbation marathon. 😂

Oh, and sorting is also a missing key feature...

Finally, Piped now supports playlists! They're not exportable yet, but I hope that will be added as a feature as well 😃

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