Designing another flyer for our upcoming season closing party 🙌🏽🥳

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I need a new vacuum cleaner... one that sucks, but at the same time doesn't suck 😄

I should be spending a bit more energy on finding people to follow here… My feed is still not that crowded as I’d like it to be 😁

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After almost 5 years of using macOS Sierra on my old config (LGA775), It’s time for a new one 🥳 Installing straight away from the first try 😎

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Someone please make a proper audio player for macOS!!! We need something like AIMP...I miss the waveform displaying so much...

Now it’s raining, I have the door and window wide open, while listening to some oldschool progressive trance… I’ll never get bored of those sounds, hah

We had to cancel our scheduled event for tonight (Graduation Party) due to crappy weather… had a small meeting with a part or the team instead… wasn’t bad either… I just wish it lasted longer 😅

@DJDynamicNC thanks for the follow! Good to see likeminded people around here 😅

Night sky, coffee, ambient music, and deep, long conversations with those who matter ❤️ Man do I appreciate such moments.... 'Zooming out' can be such a huge perspective shift...

Affinity Designer is so easy to use... LOVE the Affinity softwares!

9 days until our huge summer opening minifest 🔥😍

Time to check out the new music releases! Finishing off the second half of June. 🎶🎧😅

"Head of Instagram says Instagram is focusing on becoming TikTok"… Time for a proper, new photo sharing app which isn’t going to be sold to the Zucks…

Testing Affinity Photo... Looks great so far, but I'll probably need a little bit of time to adjust to it 😅

…I legit feel like this was a one time experience in history of video gaming, and we will never witness the same ever again. It was the early days of internet, and the whole concept of playing a game online together was as fresh as it could have been… Now it’s a commodity; a casual thing… with even more casual, steril games…

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