I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm having little to no success with #desoldering at all. I can't get the solder on the board to melt. My own solder melts just fine. Tried it at higher temperatures (400-450°C) too. Maybe the tip of the iron is too large to be able to reach the very small pads? All I managed is getting off one of the potentiometers, with lots of patience, solder wick and quite a bit of force. At this point, I'm afraid I all but butchered that board 🙈 #soldering #repair


@lhinderberger If you don't know him already, have a look at Louis Rossman on YT. He does micro soldering in a professional level, and has lots of videos with tips and stuff. Using flux is super important.

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@wex Thanks for the recommendation, I know his channel, but more from his right-to-repair advocacy and occasional cameo on the EEVblog :-)

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