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Does anyone here remember the days when WoW came out? What a journey it was… I will never ever regret the ungodly amount of times I’ve spent in Azeroth… it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

The Win11 stream crash was hilarious 😂 the guy talks, then it suddenly crashes. After a few mins it comes back, he continues “it feels familiar”, and the stream crashes again right after that sentence. How fucking ironic 😆

Anyone else belonging to the club here? 😁

It’s 4:16 AM, laying in my bed with an open window, birds are singing and the sun is slowly coming up… It’s how my bedtime looks like during the summer season 😄

There’s something in those late nights staying awake I just can’t explain… Everything’s so calm and peaceful, it allows me to be in the moment on a whole another level… Guess I’ll always be a night owl in my heart 🦉😅

Also gotta mention Milky Chance and Vance Joy with their new songs - they’re both fantastic! 😍

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Me: *going to bed*
Brain: hey, here's an idea...

Me: shut up, I'm trying to sleep
Brain: but...

Me: I'm super tired, can we think about this tomorrow?
Brain: anyway, as I was saying...

Me: wait. fuck, that's actually a brilliant idea!

Brain *chuckles*
Body: *sighs*

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Proving all the skeptics wrong, we've been profitable since 2014 and today, our revenue exceeds $100 million/yr, without ever tracking our users.

We're using these resources to build new ways to give users even more privacy for free, hold on to your feathers:

Original tweet :

My sense of smell and taste randomly got so fucked up… I can’t stand meat, garlic, onions, eggs, and several other foods - they smell like rotten. Even toothpaste tastes like soap… I just read that it’s called Parosmia, and some people experience it as a post-covid symptom 😦 Eating has become a nightmare to me 😥 like WTF……It’s been more than a week now….

What a fucking brilliant weekend... We blew the roof of the school on a graduation party 😅 Craaaaaazy atmosphere it was... ❤️

I love the upcoming new stuff has presented yesterday… Especially 15 and Monterey… that universal control thing is so cool

Oxygen Builder is incredible… it’s like a coders page builder… you have only a couple of basic elements and properties, and you can design literally anything, in any way you can possibly imagine… Flexibility at it’s finest. 😍

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now extends it's Total Cookie Protection to private browsing windows. This protection restricts 3rd party cookies to the domains they were first triggered from which has a considerable impact on cross-site tracking.

Looking at Oxygen for Wordpress… I might leave Elementor for it. Let’s see how it goes…

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users' argument about speed in favor of their beloved browser don't stand no more. 89 is so snappy! I mean this thing is so responsive it's not even funny. Good job , you nailed this one. Although, some people aren't big fans of the new UI. Personally, I kind of like it.

Those small moments of joy when you surprisingly realize there's some more coffee left in your cup ☕️😅

SimpleLogin has let me down :/ I need an email confirmation ASAP, and their system is lagging behind with redirecting emails up to an hour… Might as well leave their service if it’s going like this…

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