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why yall being super quiet? did I miss something? anyway good morning! <3

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uhm... i can talk in bahasa too please don’t let me flopt. 🥴

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Oh iya yang belum kedapatan follback boleh boost toots ini ya, nanti akan saya follback.

- J

good evening, lovely beings! 🎀 i just paint a big smile of my face and i want to see yours too! we can talk about your day too, so... is today is a great day for you? 😲

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Please read this! So, this account has translated several violations (in bahasa) for avoid our account from sus/pension.

Oh ya, spam juga bisa termasuk kategori akun terkena sus/pen. Be careful guys, jangan terlalu spam ya.

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⚠️ Please stop asking for follows and just list your account in the user directory! (See screenshot) Go to account settings and check the box:

When you do ask for a follow please post unlisted so that people on the local & global timelines are not bothered by this! You can do that by clicking/tapping on the "Globe" icon and change to "unlisted" 🎉 Thank you!

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@Gargron eugen. just please i don't know anything about code blabla i just want to roleplay happily because twitter sucks. :cate: :angery: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:

@jinsouI i’m in love with loona unnes and being super 🥚eggcited🥚 when see you around! anyway, mind to shoot me a follow, unne? <3

anyone wants to enlighten me about this server thingy? since i’m totally confusedt. my name changed now from winter kim to winter !! super confused !! kim. 🥴

@zoa joa joaheyo! 🎀 i’m a fan of you and weeekly since weeekly’s indeed being the bestest on concept and talent!! i’ll give you free puddin but first.. can you shoot me a follow? 🤍

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Alr8, lets do it again. Bil rps please boost this i need more friend to mingle with.

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eugen nih cepat sekali mendengar suara rakyat, gak kayak si jeki

@englishroleplayer hi, dearest one! 🎀 mind to giving me a shoutout? since i’m, currently with the name kim !! lonely !! winter and i need my eng or bil speakers on my timeline. fret not, my name might be winter but i’m warmer than the sun! oh.. i provide you $ free foodies $ if you accept my offer. happy wednesday! 🍮

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help us to boost this tweet?

welcome to english roleplayer. since most of you doesn't know where to find new friends, here we come!

do follow us first and we will do autofollback. don't forget to mention us if you want a shout out! hope it can help everyone♡

just back here and suddenly everything so... messed up? whats going on here?

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You can the server based on the community (maybe it'll be easier since you'll be in the same circle of same preference).


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now i've been thinking to make a verify account but... then I think it's better to stay here.

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