introduce you, the avatar of myself. looking prettier than myself.. i think? but actually we both same, will rock the stage together on November 17. see ya!

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@yerimiese i'm beyond grateful to be part of aespa. unne, thanks a lot for the support, free pudding is coming to you! <3

@winterkim I'm looking forward to the debut so much, people must be anticipating a lot too! Whaaa, pudding? Choco please 😍 ㅋㅋㅋ

@yerimiese just like the day when red velvet unne finally coming to the world! did you do a flashback once sm announced that will be a new girlgroup? I've sent you lots of pudding!

@winterkim I joined the group late so it was just a new member announcement– but yeah– I know how that feels to be announced that we going to debut soon! 🥺 And your concept sounds cool too with the AIs 🥰

@yerimiese it still feel the same since it means when sm announce you, you'll finally debut!! <3 i think sm put lots effort for only thinking about the... concept...

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