@englishroleplayer hi, dearest one! 🎀 mind to giving me a shoutout? since i’m, currently with the name kim !! lonely !! winter and i need my eng or bil speakers on my timeline. fret not, my name might be winter but i’m warmer than the sun! oh.. i provide you $ free foodies $ if you accept my offer. happy wednesday! 🍮

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@zoababy zoaegi!! tell me a tip how to grow taller like you first 🥳

@winterkim hmmm . . . I guess you just should eat well and go swimming 🤔

@doyouung hi doyoung oppa! hows your life? enjoying yourself here?

@doyouung hi doyoung senior!! hows your life after sm announced you’ll be an actor just like jaehyun oppa?

@karinna my unne!! 🤍 that snowman.. you want to build a new snowman with me?

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