How can y'all see this toot when we don't follow each other.

@Julica Mine was good too, unnie! Good evening too you, don't skip your meals!

@Jenniez Mine was good! I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you, unnie!

@winterr cause you set your toot to public not Unlisted or Followers only

@sonya I just know such things exist here, thank you for the information!

@winterr because unnie set this toot to public, so... 🤧

@jangyeeun I just realize the use of that local server. .__.

@winterr yes unnie, but if unnie set the toots to unlisted, it won't appear to locals timeline. 🙌

@jeynnie Iya kak aku baru liat ada fitur itu, makasih informasinya!

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