Venting about fongs (TW: Depression) 

I don't know how to describe them. Bluefong doesn't take action too much as he just uses all fongs as attack dogs. ATF is probably by far the worst fong I've encountered. I've been having more depression with this going on, and occasionally suicidal thoughts. I have been on therapy at least trying to get better. Now I'm not trying to say go attack them, but I'll deal with them.

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More venting (Still a TW) 

TisponWarped sounds like a nice person. Why the hell are they attacking him? What did he do?

More venting (Still a TW) 

@wintheperson it is because he is making NSFW content and because of this

More venting (Still a TW) 

@cooldoglol I mean it could be inspect element. TisponWarped seems nice IRL.

More venting (Still a TW) 

@wintheperson we dont know yet

(Content Warning: Swearing) 

I have been attacked by them before.

They are currently probably planning something big to blow me the fuck up.

True as most of what Fongs do to people they want to end is make hate or offensive memes out of them. (Outside of making their life a living hell)

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