I get really sad when I think about how time makes most memes less funny. Someday my kid is going to laugh mockingly at the shitposts that bring me joy and relief from surviving our late capitalist hellscape.


@wetpaper Not sure if it’s the same thing but it reminds me a lot of how I feel about Homestar Runner. Like I shared Strong Bad Emails and Teen Girl Squad with all my friends back in 2003 and everyone would love it, but the humor doesn’t translate well to today’s online landscape so it’s impossible to introduce to new people 😭

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@wretchedsimmons I hope one day it will come full circle. Sometimes I think about when I started getting super into punk and goth when I was a teenager my mom was so surprised because she never imagined I'd be listening to the music she listened to when she was younger. Maybe there will be an early internet humor revival and people trying to dress like we do 😅

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