I got my first Moderna shot today. I didn't feel anything while it was going in. But now that it's been several hours, I think I'll just let them take a bat to my arm next time.

Dear President Biden: Assuming that minority groups are too stupid to use a computer...is racist.

There's this stupid trend on the r/intj subreddit of "INTJs" posting selfies. The majority of them are girls with lots of makeup and piercings.

What a crock of crap. THIS is an INTJ selfie!

Well Intel is bringing on a new CEO: Pat Gelsinger. He appears to be a very competent hardware engineer, like Lisa Su. I guess her fun with stomping Bob Swan into the pavement was going to end sooner or later.

And when this stupid pandemic is over, the first thing I'm going to want to do is catch a good air show. I took these at Mountain Home Air Force Base a few years back.

@fikran Crap, that's invite-only, it seems. I don't actually know how to get it. I just see right-leaning stuff coming out of that instance. Nothing too crazy.

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Has anyone heard anything about Final Fantasy VII Remake for PC? We're coming up on the end of Square's exclusivity deal with Sony.

Here's a picture of a little guy that decided to waddle around in some flooded landscape.

I just moved into mastodon.online today, and I seem to have landed in the middle of some drama. Something immense is happening. I just have no idea what it is.


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