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It's no information, no algorithms but all rain in these clouds today. It's about office people hurrying through the afternoon. It's about road trains screeching between the houses, filled to the gills with commuters on their way home. Watching, breathing, slowly moving on.

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I like to chop wood. So if anyone needs some hands to chop firewood for the coming winter, I'm your man. 🪓🪵

Eine kleine Oase in der Servicewüste.

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Die Gastro in unserem Freibad bietet gekühlte Zwiebelhälften an um sie auf Bienenstiche zu drücken und ich hab selten ein so kundenorientiertes Angebot gelesen.

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No data to analyze? Welcome to creative writing with numbers. First step: open an Excel spreadsheet.

No data to analyze? Welcome to the creative writing with numbers. First step: open an Excel spreadsheet.

Jede Branche hat ihre eigenen Arten von „Pfusch am Bau“.

Many managers and techies have never worked in customer service, and it shows.

If you lose your cool because of Twitter, you usually take this platform far too seriously.

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‘I have come to believe that the world is an enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth’ Umberto Eco

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I atone once more for my politics posting with beautiful ads. Let's look at FRIGIDAIRE. They didn't invent home refrigerators (1913), but after launching in '18 they led the category.

The ads show a relaxed, elegant lifestyle without hassle. Time for country drives.

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A word of advice to my younger self: recognize your bullshit and failures sooner, and the rest will almost take care of itself.

If you read a non sequitur or are suspicious that a spurious correlation is being used, be happy to rid yourself of the information at hand.

It is much easier for me to learn about botany if I ask myself the following questions: Is this plant edible? If so, how can I eat or drink this plant?

Following my gut feeling when learning.

You have the eyes I didn't know I had.
You plant flowers where I look.

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Occorre guardare con occhi che vogliono vedere.

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Von den Fehlern anderer zu lernen ist wie die Einnahme eines Placebos, man weiß nie, ob es bei einem selbst wirkt.


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Living - living that doesn't point out what it is, but living that is only directly living, living with absolutely no premise of a goal: when one finally hits against this, all concepts are destroyed.

Hideo Kobayashi, 'Suzhou'

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It is much easier to identify with the mistakes, failures and losses of others. The trick is not to fall into the despair of a self-destructive personality or, even worse, a group.

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