It's okay to need reminders to stay in touch with people. Remembering and caring are two different things, even if they correlate.

Your ability to apologize to your enemies for legitimate grievances is a powerful test of your integrity.

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People who don't want to use Emacs often say, "I don't want everything in one software".

But contradicting themselves they run a terminal emulator and many more CLI based software in that terminal emulator. If you don't consider that "running everything inside one software", why is the double standards for Emacs?

Emacs is just a platform. It runs software written in Elisp, and many times which are written by 3rd parties.

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Shadow of War is a horror game where you play as the monster, IMO.

Here's a cause that doesn't get enough attention: open psychometrics. I want to see far more quality psychometric tests under creative commons licenses. Knowing your own mind is a tremendous boon, and more people need easy access to the tools to do so.

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Character is the difference between your incentives and your actions.

It's not yet bad enough for me to take the trouble to move, but support is pretty bad.

Confidence is particularly important for people to cultivate. Your principle advantage is the ability to spam actions until something works. If you don't have the confidence to do that, you'll hamstring yourself.

I want people to carry the responsibility of being the kind of person who gaslights whether they mean to or not.

Just got an official diagnosis. While my belief that I fit that category is not contingent on recognition, there is a certain satisfaction in receiving that recognition anyway.

It bothers me that email clients assume that opening an email means I've read it.

If you're , sometimes you're too understimulated even for entertainment. Try less demanding, smaller, more digestible versions of things you enjoy, like short stories, short films, or easy video games.

There may be times when leaving someone to do a task alone is the right thing to do, but most people are underqualified to know when that is.

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When I teach self-reliance to my students, I don't do it by dropping the role of teacher completely and leaving them to do it themselves. I explain to them that I want them to learn to rely on themselves, and I stay with them, watching them think about the problem, asking clarifying questions, and offering hints and examples to help them develop the kind of thinking that would lead them to the answer on their own.

Take caution not to let your desires pollute your predictions. It's easy to think “Well, I must get this done!” and to consider that an intent. But to need is not the same thing as to intend.

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And, if the task is indeed as likely to be done as heads in a coin flip or worse, you can ask yourself what you can do that would make it more likely. Sometimes I find the answer is, “Well, I could get up and do it right now.” And often I do!

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The probably is not so important as the mental exercise of acquiring it. It causes your mind to rehearse the doing, to ask questions about the when and the how, to consider the obstacles in the way and your personal history.

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When you write out your todo list in the morning—and I think it should be in the morning, to keep the act and the intent close together—for each task ask yourself, “Is it more likely that I will complete this task than it is to get heads in a coin flip?”

If the answer is “No,” what you have is a wish, not an intent.

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