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We’ll announce our new brand on the 27th and feeling grateful for all the support we’ve gotten thus far. Received M1 Air for the team, and thought of doing a for our community.

To enter:
1) RT & Follow @getpeid@twitter.com
2) ➡️ bit.ly/3bQgeZi

Ends Jan 31.

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@xplosionmind@twitter.com @willbrowningme@twitter.com No problem! It's actually only $12 a year so even cheaper 🙌

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Leggere questo è esattamente ciò che ci serve.

Eccetto la parte in cui WhatsApp controlla i contenuti delle chat (unica cosa che non può fare), è anche molto fedele a ciò che accade nella realtà.


grazie a @MassiBucchi@twitter.com e @Treccani@twitter.com

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The web that raised me was a digital playground in the truest sense. It was made up of HTML experiments frankensteined together by people still figuring it all out.

The beauty of not completely knowing what you’re doing is a lack of premature judgement. Without a standard to rise to, you’re free to go sideways. Explore. Try things that don’t work, without any expectation they _will_ work. An open world with a beginner’s mindset.

The web that raised me was a little… victoria.dev/blog/make-your-ow

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I never thought I'd see software like suffering from success.

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Dal momento che se non paghi per un prodotto il prodotto sei tu...con @signalapp@twitter.com è ora di mettere mano al portafoglio e fare una donazione.

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If you've ever considered applying to work with us at Signal, now is a great time to get involved! We're just over here working on a plan to power the western hemisphere with the heat from our servers: signal.org/workworkwork/ twitter.com/signalapp/status/1

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Per tutto c'è una prova volta. Pare che nell'ultima settimana abbia registrato 3900 nuovi utenti....al minuto. E ora, per la prima volta, .
Take your time @signalapp@twitter.com, no problem.

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+1 !!!

Io fatto per Natale.

Dai dai dai!

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Sapendo che c'è mi permetto di suggerire a chi l'ha scaricata, di andare sul sito di @signalapp@twitter.com e fare una piccola donazione. Se tutti lo facessero sicuramente potrebbero migliorare il servizio che offrono.

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looks like may not be scaling perfectly in response to demand
Android Police: Signal interference: Messaging app struggling with downtime in wake of newfound popularity.

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for the first time since I've been using it (~1 year) @signalapp@twitter.com is down. On the bright side, it means they are handling much more users than expected; this is great.

On the other hand, it may result in a little lack of trust from new users who just got it.

@piwigo@twitter.com I'm very happy of having payed in advence three years of @piwigo@twitter.com. It's an awesome service, much more ethical and cheaper than @Flickr@twitter.com!

I am enjoying it a lot.

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@piwigo@twitter.com P.S.: my gallery is hosted by Piwigo and available at images.tommi.space

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molto molto gasato di aver terminato insieme al mitico Claudio (claudiofaoro.com) la configurazione del mailserver dell'associazione.

ora potete raggiungerci a ciao@scambi.org

why tf haven't I been using @VSCodium@twitter.com up to now?

It's great!

I can't figure out just one thing: why aren't there all the extensions that there are on marketplace.visualstudio.com


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