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If you’re wondering which messaging platform is used by arguably the most informed data protection regulator on the planet? /6

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Dal Belgio il vaccino che pensa a tutto il pianeta

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Every time the US has a change of administration, @EFF@twitter.com staffers - lawyers, policy analysts, activists - create a "transition memo": a series of one-page briefings on the tech policy issues the new admin should take up. The Biden memo is GREAT.



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pose growing dangers. The world needs urgent action to ensure their elimination & prevent catastrophic human & environmental consequences. Elimination of nuclear weapons remains the highest disarmament priority for @UN@twitter.com.

Treaty enters into force today.

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@piwigo@twitter.com I'm very happy of having payed in advence three years of @piwigo@twitter.com. It's an awesome service, much more ethical and cheaper than @Flickr@twitter.com!

I am enjoying it a lot.

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I'm seriously considering of quitting and switching to . I am worried and astounded by how much big corporations play with our personal data.


proud of using Signal and even prouder of making a donation for SIgnal Foundation my Christmas 2020 gift

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You can make an app used by many millions of people that has no data...Cool chart by @forbes@twitter.com & @UKZak@twitter.com 🙈🙊🙉 forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/20

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Commenti razzisti sulla prima nata a Genova,Toti: “Chi nasce in Liguria è ligure” Rixi: “La bambina non è italiana”
Il Secolo XIX). 1\2

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Diamoci una tregua: sospendiamo l’acquisto di armamenti

Su @UnimondoOrg@twitter.com la proposta di @Sbilanciamoci@twitter.com e @RetePaceDisarmo@twitter.com

👉 unimondo.org/Notizie/Diamoci-u

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What is social media doing to all of us?

Quite a lot, it turns out.

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